Common FG Forms

2014 - Meet Announcment - Invitational Template
2015 - Non-Athlete (Coach) Membership Requirements Checklist
2015 - Non-Athlete (Non-Coach) Membership Requirements Checklist
2015 - Athlete Registration Form - Outreach
2015 - Seasonal Athlete Registration Form
2015 - Year-Round Athlete Registration Form
2015 - Non Athlete Registration Form (Coaches, Official,, other)
2015 - Single-Meet Open Water Athlete Registration Form
2014 - Athlete Transfer Form - Transfer team-to-team
2015 - Club Registration / Re-Registration Form
2014 - National Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
2014 - Athlete Travel Reimbursement Form
2014 - Club Travel Reimbursement Form
2014 - Official's Travel Reimbursement Form
Background Screening Process and Directions
Coaches Safety Curriculum
Swim Meet Sanction Application
Swim Meet Sponsor Worksheet
Report of Occurrence Form
FGC All Star Release Form
Volunteer Reimbursement Form
Foreign Athlete - Requirements to Participate "attached" to USA Swimming Club
Foreign Team/Athlete/Coach Invitation Form
Foreign Travel Requirements for USA Swimming Registered Athletes
OBSERVED MEET Request Procedures
APPROVAL MEET Request Procedures
Request for Time Submission from Foreign Meets (Form E)
Open Water Sanction Requirement
Deck Etntry Form
USA Swimming - On Line Report of Occurrence Form