Florida Gold Coast Officials

This page contains resource for officials. Please email the webmaster if you have found any documents or web sites that you feel would be of interest to the group.

FGC Official's Committee
Official's Chair Adam Zeichner adamzeichner@gmail.com
Assistant Char Steven Goldman goldman_S@comcast.net
County Coordinators  
Dade Bill Smiddy wsmiddy@med.miami.edu
Broward-North Kathy Fish albanyfish@yahoo.com
Broward-South Chuck Hernandez chuck217@gmail.com
Palm Beach - North Giovanna Christian domergio@comcast.net
Palm Beach - South Kirk McCormick revkirk@aol.com
Monroe Lori Bosco aqualb@aol.com

ATTENTION PROSPECTIVE OFFICIALS - Instructions and information regarding the new USA Swimming on-line officials test.

  Resources for FG Officials  
  Why become and official? .pdf
  Most Current Roster of Officials .pdf
  Most Current FG Standing Rules .pdf
Officials Manual Introduction .pdf
  Stroke/Turn .pdf
  Chief Judge .pdf
  Starter .pdf
  Referee .pdf
  Administrative Referee .pdf
  Clerk of Course .pdf
  Announcer .pdf
  Marshall .pdf
Stroke and Turn Stroke and Turn Video Script .pdf
  Stroke Briefing .pdf
  Standard Jurisdictions .pdf
Starter USA Swimming Starter Philosophy .pdf
  Starting Scenarios .pdf
Admin. Official Administrative Official Clinic Presentation .pdf
Referee USA Swimming Referee and Starter Philosophy .pdf
  Officials Assignment - 8 Lane .pdf
  Officials Assignment - 10 Lane .pdf
  Relay Take-off - 8 Lane .pdf
  Relay Take-off - 9 Lane .pdf
  Relay Take-off - 10 Lane .pdf
  FG DQ Log .pdf
  Lap Counter Sheets - Meters .pdf
  Lap Counter Sheets - Yards .pdf
  Computer Change Form .pdf
  Meet Marshall Guidelines .pdf
  Minimum Guidelines for Officials .pdf
  Radio Etiquette .pdf
  Guidelines for Position of Turn Judge .pdf
  Head Chief Judge Checklist .pdf
  Meet Referee Guide .pdf
  Timing - Lane Adjustment Worksheet .pdf
  Timing Heat Adjustment Worksheet .pdf
  Timer Briefing .pdf
  Timer Briefing - 2 to a page .pdf
  Rules Diff. Chart - USA-NCAA-HS-FINA Link
  Water Depth Diff. Chart .pdf
  Referee Safety Checklist .pdf
  FG Warm-up Procedure .pdf
Other Forms USA Swimming Non-Athlete Membership Form .pdf
  USA Swimming Report of Occurrence - On Line  
  USA Swimming Insurance Coverage Guide .pdf
  Insurance Q&A - USA Swimming General Council .pdf
  Evaluation Request - N2 or N3 .doc